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A Student's Guide to Developmental Psychology

This major new undergraduate textbook provides students with everything they need when studying developmental psychology. Guiding students through the key topics, the book provides both an overview of traditional research and theory as well as an insight into the latest research findings and techniques. Taking a chronological approach, the key milestones from birth to adolescence are highlighted and clear links between changes in behaviour and developments in brain activity are made. Each chapter also highlights both typical and atypical developments, as well as discussing and contrasting the effects of genetic and environmental factors. The book contains a wealth of pedagogical features to help students engage with the material, including: Learning objectives for every chapter Key term definitions Over 100 colour illustrations Chapter summaries Further reading Suggested essay questions. A Student’s Guide to Developmental Psychology is supported by a companion website, featuring a range of helpful supplementary resources including exclusive video clips to illustrate key developmental concepts. This book is essential reading for all undergraduate students of developmental psychology. It will also be of interest to those in education, healthcare and other subjects requiring an up-to-date and accessible overview of child development.

This book is essential reading for all undergraduate students of developmental psychology.

Theories in Social Psychology

Theories in Social Psychology is an edited volume that identifies and discusses in-depth the important theoretical perspectives and theories that underlie the discipline of social psychology. The only current book focusing specifically on the theories within social psychology Brings together a range of distinguished scholars in the field of social psychology – including Bertram F. Malle, Paul R. Nail, Richard E. Petty, Thomas Mussweiler, Faye J. Crosby, Miles Hewstone, Richard J. Crisp and Mein Koslowsky Critically discusses important perspectives and theories in the discipline allowing a deeper understanding of the theoretical framework Allows students and academics to reflect on theories and opens up future areas of enquiry

A must read for all those for whom social psychology is near and dear to their hearts and minds." Arie W. Kruglanski, University of Maryland "This volume contains a solid presentation of major theories in social psychology.

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