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Prosiding Seminar Nasional Pendidikan Jasmani 2017 Implementasi Model Pembelajaran Penjas dan Modifikasi Alat Belajar

Pemilihan tema seminar tersebut dilandasi oleh ketidak sesuaian pemilihan dan penggunaan model pembelajaran dengan ketersediaan sarana dan prasarana belajar. Sebab tidak bisa dipungkiri, sarana dan prasarana yang ada dalam menciptakan proses pembelajaran yang efektif seringkali kurang mendukung, khususnya alat-alat olahraga. Hal tersebut dapat disebabkan oleh beberapa faktor seperti kurangnya pendanaan dari pihak sekolah, dan guru olahraga yang kesulitan mengembangkan alat pembelajaran olahraga. Melalui pengembangan alat olahraga maka peserta didik akan merasa tertarik terhadap proses belajar mengajar dengan berbagai macam alat pembelajaran yang telah dimodifikasi. Maka dari itu untuk memaksimalkan keterbatasan alat pembelajaran, perlu adanya peningkatan wawasan guru olahraga sehingga menjadi lebih kreatif dan inovatif. Harapannya proses pembelajaran lebih efektif, kreatif, dan inovatif, tanpa harus memikirkan sarana dan prasarana yang kurang tersebut.

Menggunakan waktu secara tertib, penguat dan suasana gembira terpusat pada perilaku belajar. 5. Merangsang siswa dengan penguat memberi rasa percaya diri ...

Portraits of Pioneers in Developmental Psychology

Utilizing an informal, sometimes humorous style of writing, this book brings to life 16 developmental psychologists who made a significant contribution to their field. Written by noted scholars, each chapter provides a glimpse into the personal and scholarly lives of these innovative "pioneers". Some of the chapters are based on the contributor's personal acquaintance with a pioneer allowing for the introduction of previously unavailable information. Suggested Readings allow readers to delve deeper into the material and a tabular list of subjects and authors helps instructors supplement their courses in substantive areas of psychology with ease.ãee The introductory essay prepares the reader for a deeper understanding of the contributions of each of the pioneers. Mamie Phipps Clark had a profound impact on the education of American children.ãee Robert W. White pioneered a new approach to the study of persons across the lifespan.ãee Lois Barclay Murphyâe(tm)s perspective on the strengths of developing children foreshadowed later developments in positive psychology.ãee Florence Goodenough pioneered new testing methods for children.ãee John Paul Scott was a pioneer in the field of behavior genetics. The book also highlights the many contributions of European pioneers: Jean Piaget, Charlotte Bühler, Heinz Werner, and Lev Vygotsky. Their contributions were carried forward by J. McVicker Hunt in the U.S. and Helena Antipoff in Brazil. Arnold Gesellâe(tm)s film studies of childrenâe(tm)s development remain a landmark accomplishment. Lawrence Kohlberg pioneered the study of moral development across the lifespan. Roger Barkerâe(tm)s studies on aggression and leadership among children eventually led to the development of ecological psychology. Eleanor "Jackie" Gibson was famous for her work on the "visual cliff" and for her research on perception and development.ãee Finally, Sidney Bijou had a long career delineating ways to improve the lives of children.ãee Pickrenâe(tm)s concluding essay draws connections between the pioneers and how they contributed to the advancement of the field. Intended as a supplementary text for undergraduate and/or graduate courses in the history of psychology and/or developmental, child, or lifespan psychology taught in psychology, education, and human development, this engaging book also appeals to those interested in and/or teaching these subject areas. Each of the 7 volumes in the Portraits of Pioneers Series contain different profiles bringing more than 140 of psychologyâe(tm)s pioneers to life.

First Published in 2012. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Hukum perdata Islam di Indonesia

studi kritis perkembangan hukum Islam dari fikih, UU no. 1/1974, sampai KHI

Critics on Islamic civil law regarding with Muslim marriage in Indonesia.

Jika kritik Hilam Hadikusuma ini ingin dilanjutkan , KHI juga dipengaruhi oleh
KUH Perdata BW . ... Pencegahan Perkawinan A . Perspektif UU No 1 / 1974
Pencegahan perkawinan diatur dalam UU No 1 / 1974 dalam pasal 13 yang
bunyinya ...

Behavior Modification Procedure

A Sourcebook

Behavior modification has lacked operational procedures to sharpen techniques and equipment. These aspects have lagged behind the development of general principles and specialized modification techniques. This sophisticated sourcebook is devoted exclusively to the technical details of "how-to-do-it" in behavioral assessment and practice--an aspect of behavior modification that is relatively undeveloped despite its significance and that has only recently received the attention it deserves. The selections contained in this volume have been drawn from a variety of technical areas and are organized into six main parts. The first part emphasizes the importance of technology and procedure in the history of the field, and in the second part attention is given to guidelines for practice with individuals and families that may be employed with a wide variety of problems and patrons in many service settings. The next part, on interviewing guidelines and style, includes an interview guide for behavioral counseling and a general discussion of types of bias and therapist influence in behavioral assessment. Part four is concerned with observation, recording, and monitoring; and part five, on schedules and checklists, includes a variety of schedules and rating forms, including a therapist schedule for rating family verbal behavior. The last part, on instrumentation in behavior therapy, contains a chapter that is a major, comprehensive description and review of electromechanical devices applicable to behavior modification. Because the book covers procedural details, it serves not only as a sourcebook but as a volume every practicing behavior modifier, as well as researchers in behavior therapy and modification will find useful. Social workers, teachers, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, pastoral counselors, and their students will appreciate this manual covering technical information required for effective practice.

Behavior modification has grown tremendously since the late 1950s and early 1
960s when the field was taking form and gaining momentum. There is now an
immense literature, an increasingly impressive body of knowledge, and
numerous ...

Dinamika sosial pemuda di perkotaan

studi Kasus di Jakarta, Semarang dan Surabaya

Social problems of urban youth related to education and job vacancies; case study in Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya.

Social problems of urban youth related to education and job vacancies; case study in Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya.