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Financial Management: Pearson New International Edition

Principles and Applications

For the introductory finance course—undergraduate corporate finance or financial management—required at all undergraduate business schools. Get the picture and develop a fundamental understanding of finance. Students often miss the big picture, viewing finance as a set of unrelated topics, tools, and techniques. In order to help students see the big picture, this text provides an introduction to financial decision-making that links the concepts to five key principles of finance. Authors Arthur J. Keown, John D. Martin, and Sheridan Titman have incorporated significant revisions that weave currency, relevance, and real-world issues into the pages of this well-know finance text.

Psychological Testing

Principles, Applications, and Issues

Dealing exclusively with psychological tests, this work shows how such tests are constructed and how they are used. Aimed at students, the book makes use of informal discussions and contains real-life examples.

Provide information that will help users gather evidence to show that the test is
meeting its intended purpose(s). Striving for ... Test developers should strive to
make tests that are as fair as possible for test takers of different races, gender,
ethnic ...

Update Paling Lengkap Drilling Semua Jenis Soal Tes CPNS Sistem CAT + CD

Update Paling Lengkap Drilling Semua Jenis Soal Tes CPNS Sistem CAT *Bonus pada buku fisik (CD, voucher, pembatas buku) tidak disertakan dalam buku digital (e-book)

Alattesini tergolongTes Inventori kepribadian di mana Anda diberi satu buku tes
EPPS berisi deretan pasangan pernyataan, dan Anda diminta untuk memilih
salah satu pernyataan yang disukai. Beberapa pasangan adalah mengenai hal-
hal ...